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Earth’s Heart Doctor-Wang Lian Sheng (Chinese Version)

Earth’s Heart Doctor-Wang Lian Sheng (Chinese Version)

Recently, the China Petroleum Industry Association announced: Shandong Binzhou Shengbin Petroleum Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has successfully developed my country's first set of oil deep well detectors.

"The oil deep well detector is known as a worldwide problem, which is equivalent to putting eyes on the earth's'heart'. At present, only the United States has the core technology of the oil deep well detector. China needs to spend 160 million yuan to use the equipment. The cost of daily maintenance and maintenance is expensive. The highest price we produce for this set of equipment is 50% of the United States, which can save a lot of money for the country and break the US blockade of high-end petroleum geophysical exploration technology. Petroleum equipment has entered the world’s advanced ranks and has competed for China’s oil drilling! In recent years, Shengbin Petroleum Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has invested heavily in keeping up with the development of China’s oil exploration and successfully developed a large number of oil production equipment. It has overcome the difficulties of oil drilling and production, and contributed to the development of China's petroleum." said Wang Liansheng, chairman and general manager of Shandong Binzhou Shengbin Petroleum Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. On the land of Binzhou, a company with little reputation can develop such high-end equipment. You can imagine the hardship they have paid.

>>>Poor and strong

The Indian poet Tagore once said: Only through hellish training can the power to create heaven be refined; only bloody fingers can play the world's swan song. The 66-year-old Wang Liansheng was born in a family of aircraft manufacturers. His father participated in the War of Resistance Against Japan, the War of Liberation, and the old revolution to resist U.S. aggression and aid to Korea. He unloaded his military uniform. He first worked at the Shenyang Aircraft Factory, the cradle of Chinese aircraft manufacturing, and then participated in the construction of my country’s Northwest Aircraft Production Base. China's aviation industry has made contributions. In 1969, Wang Liansheng, who was only 16 years old, responded to the call of the party and the state. He still bid farewell to his parents. He left the big city where life was easy and went back to his poor hometown, Beizhifang Village, Sanhehu Town, Bincheng District. He later became a worker in Binzhou Film Machinery Repair Factory in accordance with the national policy. In the factory, he learned many types of work such as fitter, grinder, miller, and foundry, and became a rare all-rounder in the factory. In the early 1980s, when he had just married, his two children needed to be taken care of, and his meager salary was unsustainable. Due to the pressure of life, he went through the wind and rain, riding a bicycle and walking in the streets, entering the house. Repairing electric fans, washing machines, and processing mechanical parts, using a meager income to feed the family, sometimes without food or drink for several days, no rest, fatigue, fainting, tooth loss, scratching face are commonplace; no relevant procedures, rely on piecemeal , Little craftsmanship, often chased by market managers everywhere. "Poor and strong, don't fall into the ambition of Qingyun." The hard and arduous life did not overwhelm his patriotism and aspiration to serve the country, but instead made him stronger and stronger.

>>>Industry is committed to serving the country

In the 1980s of the last century, oil was the main channel for the country to earn foreign exchange. The great development of the petroleum industry urgently needs petroleum machinery. Aiming at petroleum machinery manufacturing, he secretly made up his mind to use the production of petroleum machinery as a breakthrough point, set up his own factory, and firmly took the road of serving the country through industry.

How difficult is it to set up a factory? Site, capital, technology, and market are all restrictive factors. When he goes to the oil field to negotiate business, people always ask him which state-owned enterprise is? Take out some data and ask him if he can understand and produce? The suspicious gaze did not overwhelm him. After being rejected again and again, he found that he had no advantage in competing with his peers, especially with large state-owned enterprises. He had to find a different path and take a path that no one else had taken.

He made friends with oilfield technicians and obtained information about order-based production of "small products" that large companies find troublesome and cannot mass produce. With this idea, he opened up a new way of manufacturing petroleum instrument products, which was unacceptable. After the successful research and development of various oilfield mining equipment such as "multifunctional cable washer, well logging depth gauge, logging world pulley, and logging winch collector ring" in his hands, major domestic oilfields have sent orders for customization. produce.

Since then, he has gradually developed and grown by relying on the order-to-order production model. From the initial tens of thousands of yuan a year to the current output value of more than 100 million yuan; the scope of business has also developed from the initial oilfield station to the present, covering major domestic oil fields and overseas countries such as Sudan, Peru, Venezuela, and Iran. Many inventions have been Included in "Comprehensive Sample of China Petroleum Equipment" and "Chinese Inventor Dictionary", he has won 20 national utility model invention patents, 18 computer software copyright registration certificates issued by the National Copyright Administration, and 36 products certified by international authorities , Won 12 first prizes of provincial scientific research achievements, was listed as a military product production company by the Central Military-civilian Integration Office, and established Shenzhen Intelligent Drilling Technology Co., Ltd. to specialize in the development and manufacture of high-end petroleum equipment.

At present, the company has an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan, and an average annual tax payment of more than 10 million yuan. It has established a high-tech R&D team with 12 doctoral degrees. From a small family workshop-style production workshop, it has developed into a modern, high-end petroleum instrument manufacturing company. His dream of serving the country by industry is gradually becoming a reality.

>>>Martyrs are full of heart in their old age

When it comes to the future development of the enterprise, Wang Liansheng, who loves ancient poems, recites the verse from Cao Cao's "Turtle Shoushou" on the spot: The old man has a long-term ambition; He said: The "Six Questions and Eight Strategies" proposed by Comrade She Chunming, the secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, should focus on the key points of Binzhou. When it comes to development, it is necessary to talk about projects. Although I have passed the ears of ears and approaching the age of antiquity, I will not slacken in the slightest. I must actively respond to the call of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to build "Prosperity and Strong Binzhou", aim at the forefront of oil drilling, gather top talents at home and abroad, increase R&D investment, and manufacture more advanced equipment , To contribute to the motherland's oil drilling industry. To win government support, invest more than 50 million yuan to build a new production workshop of 5,000 square meters, and mass produce the successfully developed oil deep well detector. The instrument has signed mass production contracts with Qinghai and other major oil fields, with a contract value of more than 800 million yuan; Give full play to the advantages of Binzhou Aluminum Capital Industrial Base and cooperate with Xi’an Aircraft Factory to produce high-end aviation and high-speed rail aluminum materials, extend the aluminum industry chain, increase the added value of aluminum, and benefit Binzhou; cooperate with Russian military enterprises to produce life-active metals , Used in military products to improve the level of China’s military equipment; cooperate with medical equipment manufacturers to produce high-tech products such as titanium alloy medical human bones, heart stents, etc.; start the polymer fission power generation project as soon as possible, strive for national approval, and use new energy to improve power generation The atmospheric environment serves the conversion of new and old kinetic energy. I love my motherland and Binzhou even more. I will use the practical actions of an entrepreneur to "answer six questions and practice eight strategies" to make due contributions to the construction of "prosperous Binzhou".

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