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SuccessFlow´s Tractor is Widely-Used in BGP

Development Pathway

The chairman was born in an aircraft manufacturing family. In 1969, he returned to Beizhifang Village, Sanhehu Town in Binzhou City and worked as a worker in Binzhou Film Machinery Repair Factory. In the factory, he learned many types of machining work such as fitter, grinder, miller, and foundry. He became a versatile all-rounder.

In 1980s, the rapid development of the petroleum industry urgently required petroleum machinery. He aimed at petroleum machinery manufacturing, determined to take the production of petroleum machinery as a breakthrough, set up his own factory, and firmly took the road of serving the country through setting up industrial enterprise.

He made friends with oilfield technicians and obtained information about order-based production of "unimportant products" that large companies find troublesome and could not be able for mass production. With this idea, he opened up his way of manufacturing petroleum instruments. After the successful research and development of various oilfield products such as "multifunctional cable washer, well logging depth gauge, top and ground logging sheave, and logging winch slip ring, major domestic oilfields had sent orders for purchase.

Since then, he has gradually developed and grown by relying on the order-to-order production model. The business scope not only started from stationing at the oilfield, to August 1988, the establishment of Shengbin Petroleum Machinery Factory, which was located on the west side of River Xinli in Binzhou City. Due to the urban development of Binzhou City, the factory was finally moved to Binbei Development Zone, Binzhou City in 2002, and until now.


Development Pathway Development Pathway



SuccessFlow´s Tractor is Widely-Used in BGP
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