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SuccessFlow´s Tractor is Widely-Used in BGP

Company Introduction

Shandong Binzhou Shengbin Petroleum Instrument Co., Ltd. was founded in August 1988. It is a professional company engaged in the development and production of oil drilling and logging equipment. The company has a total investment of 60 million and a registered capital of 10 million. There are 268 employees, 13 senior mechanical engineers, 5 electronic engineers, and 20 technicians. Professional precision lathe: 10 CJK614 CNC lathes, 1 CJK6166 CNC lathe, 6 CK6140 CNC lathes, 1 B5032 slotting machine, 1 T631K spline milling machine, 1 T716A fine boring machine, 1 T220A fine boring machine, and Y54 gear shaping machine 1 set, 1 C7025 bow sawing machine, 3 CB4025 band saws, 1 M6025 universal tool grinder, 3 BC6063 bullhead planers, 1 QKA121/15 CNC pipe threading machine, 3 CKA6163/1.5 CNC lathes, CKA6163/3 CNC There are 2 lathes, 1 T6920 floor-standing milling and boring machine, 1 high-temperature and high-pressure testing machine, 5 well temperature meters, and 5 tensile testers. With complete processing equipment and sophisticated testing methods, it is a professional manufacturer of comprehensive petroleum machinery and logging equipment that integrates scientific research and development and product manufacturing. It has a solid economic strength and talent base for developing and researching oilfield enterprise products.

In order to promote oilfield exploration, development and production, logging while drilling, and improve oilfield productivity and economic benefits, our company conforms to market demand and has successfully developed and produced the SB series of multifunctional well logging depth gauges (Martin Dijk ) Type I, II, and III. The instrument has direct digital display of the three parameters of depth, speed, and tension, and multiple functions such as automatic parking, alarm, and coiling. The series of high-difficulty directional well process equipment products passed the appraisal of Natural Gas Corporation as early as 1992 and were widely promoted and used in major oil fields across the country. This series has the functions of guiding, adding weight, rolling righting, centering and preventing jamming. Halliburton and Atlas horizontal well logging technology equipment series, including various wet joint assemblies, natural potential nipple, flexible nipple, conversion nipple, crawler, eccentric nipple, tension nipple, rotary The short joints, insulating short joints and rigid hard electrodes have always been at the leading level in domestic technology and have been widely used in major oil fields across the country.

Automatic retractable caliper microelectrode combination logging tool, push-type well radial electrode combination tool, three-arm caliper logging tool, electric isotope release device, isotope three-parameter well temperature flowmeter, vehicle-mounted neutron and gamma source Safety protection detector, anti-collision automatic parking safety image monitoring device for core fishing, high-pressure blowout prevention device, logging winch collector ring, cable fault detector, and various winch control panels, logging pulleys of various specifications, besides There are more than 100 kinds of joints, sucker rod centralizers, anti-dropping devices, cable washers, cable scrapers, core removers, magnetic positioners, various specifications of bridles, logging equipment accessories and various special tools, etc. Series products.

Our company's products have been used by more than a dozen companies such as Liaohe, Daqing, North China, Dagang, Jianghan, Yumen, Tarim, Karamay, Henan, Central Plains, Jiangsu, Jidong, Changqing, Hubei, Shengli, Nanyang, Tuha, Yunnan, Guizhou, etc. It is widely used in oil fields and the products are sold in all domestic oil fields. Part of the products are exported to foreign countries such as Sudan, Peru, Venezuela and other countries through Beijing PetroChina Logging Company, Sinopec, Shengli Oilfield Logging Company. Many invention achievements and patents have been included in the "Comprehensive Sample of China Petroleum Equipment" and "The Dictionary of Chinese Inventors", and have been rated as "Science and Technology Demonstration Enterprise" and "Excellent Private Enterprise" in successive years. Won the first and second prizes of provincial and municipal scientific and technological achievements many times.

The high-tech content is the fundamental foundation for our company's products to be widely used in the vast oilfields. Focus on talent development and use of knowledge is the fundamental magic weapon for our company to maintain steady economic growth. Keeping pace with the times, focusing on the development of high-tech oilfield products and keeping pace with customer needs are our company’s biggest business philosophy. We are willing to contact domestic and foreign oilfield companies to make greater contributions to the development of the motherland’s petroleum industry. 


Company Introduction


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